We have enjoyed Will’s incredible performance at the JW Mariott hotel and we couldn’t believe our own eyes. We have no idea how he does the tricks he does but he is INCREDIBLE!

Rebeka J.

JW Marriott Mauritius (Feb 2024)

In addition to his elegance, his charisma, his class and his verve which contrasts with the somewhat 'has-been' image that we usually have of magicians... William was the icing on the cake of our friend's birthday party ! A magical moment both literally and figuratively!

Joël Lecordier

Mauritius (Sept 2023)

Énervant, surprenant, incroyable, bluffant, spectaculaire, William est un maestro de la magie. Et certains tours de magie sont resté gravés dans ma mémoire depuis que je l'ai vu il y a quelques années. Je voulais absolument qu'il éclabousse de son talent mes amis pour mon anniversaire. Ce fut génial ! Quelle chance qu'il performe à MAURICE.

Gilles Gambart

Mauritius (Sept 2023)

I had the privilege of having a beautiful encounter with the charming and very talented magician, William Watt, during the memorable evening of Saturday, September 23, 2023 at a friend's house! He never ceased to amaze me with his tricks throughout the evening. Well done William!

Sandy Sowamber

Mauritius (Sept 2023)

William is such a talented magician… He literally blew our minds with his card tricks… Throughly enjoyed the time he spent with us at our table… if we hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it… if you get the chance to see him for yourself grab the opportunity, you will not believe your eyes.

Tony Jackson

Trou Aux Biches Beachcomber Mauritius - (Sept 2023)

Just Incredible! Amazing magic! Really blew us away and we had no idea how he did it! Pleasure to meet, friendly demeanour and watched during a bar performance at a hotel.

Amish Rina

The Oberoï Mauritius (Sept 2023)

Thank you so much for a fantastic show last night. Ismail is still trying to figure out how you made the illusions happen. So glad we got take a photo with you. All the very best for the future. Love Ismail and Najwa

Ismail & Najwa

Mauricia Beachcomber (Sept 2023)

What a fantastic man & with a great aura and... with every word a smile on our faces. It was fantastic. Thank you William !

Axel Kramer

Anahita Mauritius (Sept 2023)

Wonderful guy and very impressive Magician today at Marriott Mauritius!!!

Thomas Sting

JW Marriott Mauritius (Sept 2023)

What a privilege to watch William perform! Incredible show, William oozes charisma and charm. Mind bending magic - thanks so much for such an amazing show!

Olivia Cicely

Westin Turtle Bay (Sept 2023

We have just had the privilege of just witnessing William do his magic. Incredible , charismatic, mind bending magic. What a talent! Thanks William

Henry Lee

Westin Turtle Bay - Mauritius (Sept 2023)

Amazing. I am at a loss for words! So funny, impressive and I now believe in magic. The best way to end our holiday - Thank you!!!

Krafty Treez

Westin Turtle Bay - Mauritius (Sept 2023)

Thank you William for this magic moment here in Mauritius! It was just amazing and I really hope to get the chance to see you one more time in my life.

Stefanie Lütolf

JW Marriott Mauritius (Sept 2023))

Lovely moment with William’s magic and charm. Such a nice surprise to have some magic brought to dinner while waiting for desert. Thank you William and JWMarriott. Nice touch to end a perfect day.


JW Marriott Mauritius (August 2023)

Wow incredible magician ! We come from London and book magicians as part our event agency and William Watt is better than any we have seen! Amazing. Me and my wife were very impressed !

Joseph McGee

LUX* Grand Gaube - Mauritius (Aug 2023)

William performed for us at the Westin Turtle Bay, and was amazing. He has a great personality and a natural smooth showmanship. His magic left us guessing after he was gone, and I'm still staring at the card trying to work out how he did one particular trick.

Liam Bolton

Westin Turtle Bay - Mauritius (Sept 2023)

My family and I saw him on holiday in Mauritius and he stole the evening! Would highly recommend.

Seb Rugge-Price

The Oberoï - Mauritius (August 2023)

The most incredible magician we have EVER seen! Absolutely blew our minds! And such a friendly gentleman too! Absolutely amazing!!!

Rebekah Bowman

The Oberoï - Mauritius (Sept 2023)

William was an amazing and welcome surprise to a night out with my husband. He was personable, friendly and his magic had us gasping with surprise and glee! Thank you William for the love test memento!

Sarah P.

The Oberoï - Mauritius (August 2023)

Saw you at the Mauricia Beachcomber recently, are you on Instagram ? if not why not! 😂 Have you thought of entering for Britains Got Talent? You should! Good luck with everything!

Tara Hunt

Mauricia Beachcomber - Mauritius (June 2023)

You know what? That's one of THE BEST cube act I have ever seen!!

Henry Harrius

Hong Kong (April 2023)

Great show tonight William! My friends John and Shari really enjoyed watching your show to cap the night. From one magician to another, hats off to you on your lovely performance!

Ben Yeh

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Hello. My family and I loved your show last night. You locked up my wife's wedding ring and took a picture of me while identifying my card. I hope to see you perform again! Take care!


The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Had a great time at the Magic Castle last night. William Watt thank you for having me! It was great catching up and seeing you perform! Your show left me amazed!! What a talent!!!

Kim F.

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Un talent incroyable!

Frédérique Dec

Just wanted to thank you Will for the amazing show last night at the Magic Castle. My friends and family all agreed you were one of our favorite performances.


The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

You were incredible last night and I am so grateful you were our first interaction upon arrival at the lower bar and then our last one! Fate truly was in my favor. 🥰

Carissa Darlene

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

I had a lovely time at the Castle. Meeting you was my highlight and your magic blew my mind.

Karen Grave

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Last night was fun and your set was very well executed!! The final kicker of the solved cubes was a nice touch... and the sentimental ending cam across genuine instead cheesy which can happen sometimes... Well done ! Safe travels, and much continues success!!

Ben Silver

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Amazing performance on Thursday night, my guests are still talking about your performance!

Andrew Meneses

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

It was such a pleasure to meet you the other night at The Magic Castle. Your show was fantastic!

Jayme Ramirez

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Absolutely HONORED that I was able to capture the incredible William Watt perform at my favorite place in the world The Magic Castle the other night! ✨ a dream come true!!

Acacia Evans

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

The show was absolutely amazing Saturday evening, the trick you did with my sisters wedding ring was INCREDIBLE. We kept talking about it days after. Thank you for making our first Magic Castle experience one for the books!

Derek Baggett

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Thank you for an unforgettable performance and for giving my wife Christine her wedding ring back!

Drew Panganiban

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

You were absolutely amazing! Thank you for making our first experience at the Magic Castle simply Magical 🤍

Sienna Baggett

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

We had such a blast!! Your performance was so awesome! Definitely my favorite ❤️ Thanks for spreading the love!

Kim Lee Hammett

The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Had an absolutely amazing time!!! 😍😍😍 Thank you for putting all your love into the shows!


The Magic Castle - Los Angeles (April 2023)

Fabulous & amazing show!

Laura Morey

House Of Cards - Nashville (April 2023)

It’s great to watch ur show tonight ! We had a good time and lot of laughs ❤️


House Of Cards - Nashville - April 2023

Bluffant !

Roger Fernandez

You entertained us royally, William at The Mauricia Beachcomber Spa and Resort in June '22. We were enthralled, beguiled and completely absorbed! You're a great ambassador for your art !

Jerry Shelton

The Mauricia Beachcomber - Mauritius (June 2022)

Je voudrais à mon tour vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme pour faire de notre événement un succès. Tout s’est déroulé à merveille et nos invités sont repartis avec des étoiles dans les yeux.

Virginie Q.

Private Event BMW (April 2017)

Merci encore pour hier. Mes collègues et nos directeurs ont trouvé que c’était impressionnant et excellent ! Ils en parlent encore au bureau.

MJ narain

Private Event (Nov 2016)

En un mot : MAGISTRAL ! Merci William pour ces moments magiques !

David Robinet